By evidence of our extensive Safety programs, Laughlin Poultry Farm, Inc. and LTL, LLC are committed to providing safe workplace environments for all of its employees. Our commitment to this also includes policies to insure a drug free and alcohol free workplace.

Laughlin Poultry Farm, Inc. and LTL, LLC. are equal opportunity employers.

Laughlin Poultry Farm, Inc and LTL, LLC. provide many benefits for employees. Please note that the benefits provided by each company may differ. Benefits available for the positions below are described when the link is selected.

If you are 21 years of age and legally eligible to work in the United States, you are invited to apply for positions available below regardless of race, creed, religion or sex. Please note that there may certain restrictions based on the requirements of the job (example: truck drivers must maintain a CDL (Commercial Driver License).



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Truck Driver

Vehicle Maintenance

Clerical & Management Positions